Bi Ever Since

I had just broken up with my girlfriend when I decided to visit a swingers' club. Upon entering the club, I walked to the locker room where I took my clothes off and wrapped a towel around my waist. I was really excited. I curiously walked through the darkened hallways looking for a woman to flirt with and have sex with. The hot tub had one cutie, but she was surrounded by three guys. Eventually, I made it to the video room where a few guys were sitting and watching a porno. I decided to take a seat and watch for any hotties to walk by. As I was watching, I suddenly felt a hand stroking my thigh. Surprisingly, it was a guy making a move on me. I had never considered having sex with a guy before, but I was getting aroused by the rubbing! I closed my eyes and then felt the hand slip underneath my towel. Wow! I felt like I was going to burst right there! He whispered into my ear to join him in one of the private rooms. We closed the door and took a seat on the bed. Taking my towel off, he laid me back onto the bed and began to rub my naked body. I loved the attention! He took care of the rest, and I have been bi ever since.

— Stanton, 40

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