New Men

My friend and I had been out late one night drinking. I was back at his place and started reading a sexy magazine. I had always thought about, and my wife had let me wear her panties and bras, but I never really thought about if I'd like men. Suddenly, I found myself reaching out to my friend like a first time girl. I told him I needed to sleep with him instead of going back to my hotel. I wasn't sure how he'd react, but he said sure and we went into his bedroom. He gave me a pair of his ex-wife's panties to put on and went into the bathroom for what seemed like a long time. I worried if he was changing his mind, but when he came to bed with only his boxers on, I knew he was going to make me his woman for the night. After we finished, he surprised me by giving me a kiss and I fell asleep. Guess we both became new men that evening.

— Lucas, 32

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