More Than Ready

When the couple moved in next door to me, I was instantly attracted to the wife. She has long, slender legs, beautiful hair, and lips that look like they were made for kissing. Then I discovered that she was not very happy in her marriage. Many weekends he left her in order to spend time with his buddies. As I got to know her, I found out that, even when he was home, he pretty much ignored her. I decided that if he was going to ignore her, then I would be more than happy to take advantage of the situation. I started to spend a lot of time with this very attractive woman. I helped her out around her place, and I made the point of spending a lot of time with her when her husband was gone. It wasn't long before she was sharing thoughts with me that she never bothered sharing with her husband. He didn't care anyway. Finally, it was time to make my move. Her husband was gone for the weekend on a hunting trip. I invited this lovely lady over to my home for dinner. It was not just any dinner but one with wine, candles, the works. After dinner, I put on some romantic music, and we sat on the couch. More wine, and I knew it was time to accelerate the action. I held her very closely, and I started to stroke her. I told her it was a shame that her husband was ignoring such a beautiful woman. Then I started to nibble her neck and ears. My actions made it clear I wanted to enjoy her body. At first she tensed up a bit as I touched her, but soon she began to fully respond. I figured her husband was drinking beer with his buddies as I slowly undressed his wife. I took things nice and slow, and after lots of stroking and kissing, she was more than ready to give herself to me. The first time was awesome, as was the second and third times. By morning, we were both exhausted, and we fell asleep in each other's arms. When we awoke, the sun was shining brightly, but we simply resumed our passion of the previous evening. Her husband still spends a lot of time away from this beautiful woman, but I think that is great. Believe me, I am more than ready to take care of her needs.

— Rod, 34

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