Keeping Wife Company

I sometimes go out with an old high school friend of mine for a beer. Usually my wife stops by and joins us. After a few drinks, he always has a hard time keeping his eyes and hands off of her. I'm sure the low cut blouses she wears have something to do with it. He says she is just too gorgeous to leave alone. It was never taken seriously. He called me up one day last month and asked if we could meet for a beer after work. I explained that I was in Europe on a business trip; he was disappointed. I told him he should call my wife and see if she would like to go. He asked if I was serious. I said she could use a night out and he said he would. About fifteen minutes later, I got a call from my wife telling me about his request. I admitted it was my suggestion and she said she was going to go. All I heard was that they had a "good time" and went out two more times the week I was gone. The two of them seem to be a lot closer now. I'm just glad I have a buddy to keep her company when I'm gone.

— Marshall, 38

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