My Favorite Bra

I like to wear bras in public. I actually can fill a 38C. My favorite bra has cups that do a good job of projecting my breasts. I like to wear this bra under a very tight white tee-shirt that makes it very clear I'm wearing a bra. It took a while to work up the courage to wear this combo in public, but now I wear it under a light jacket in public and let the jacket open wide so my bra shows. I did this more than once at the market when there was a female clerk and female customers in the line in front and behind me. Women usually take a good look and you can see it register on their face. They then continue without making a comment. One time, there was an elderly woman ringing my order and when I paid she leaned over and said, "That is a lovely bra." My heart was pounding, but I calmly and proudly thanked her. On a warm summer night, I like to go to an all-night self-serve gas station, park right next to the attendants both, and get out to pump my gas wearing the bra and white tee-shirt combo. The attendant, who is sometimes female, stares at me the entire time. I pump without looking straight at her and act very casual, even taking the time to clean my windshield. When I'm done pumping, I just give her a quick glance and a nod and get into my car and drive away. What a rush. I'm adding more places to go wearing my tight shirt and bra.

— Ray, 58

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