Caught in Lingerie

I started dressing in my sister's skirts and panties when I was younger. Since then, I have taken panties from anywhere I could, including off my friend's sisters, neighbors, and one night stands. One time, I stayed in a friend's apartment and got from his friend's girlfriend about three miniskirts, four bras, six pairs of panties, a pair of shoes, and two garter belts in one night; it was hot. I wore a full set on my way home under my clothes. I was wearing a black satin chemise, black hold ups, a black bra, and panties one day lying on my bed engrossed in the feeling when I looked up and my sister was standing there mouth open. She just walked out and closed the door. I didn't know what she would do ... tell my parents? The next day, my mother brought a big bin sack into my room and said, "Your sister has no room for these old clothes in her room; she asked if you can keep the bag in your wardrobe until the clothing collection comes around?" That night, unable to sleep at about three in the morning, I emptied the bag onto my floor and found a huge collection of lingerie, stockings, skirts, bras, teddies, tap pants, bra and panty sets, mini dresses, and shoes; I was in heaven and went to bed early for the next month dressed in satins and silks. Needless to say, the clothing collector was accidentally missed any time he called. On the same day, my sister would get a dozen roses from an admirer. She looked at me, winked, and smiled when she smelled the roses.

— Arthur, 30

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