Still Diapered

Earlier I wrote how, after several accidents of bed wetting and pants wetting, my wife put me back into diapers when I am at home. She also makes me wear training panties when I am out. Since that time I have been diapered every night, and diapered during the day when I have one of my frequent accidents. I was told that I would have to be dry for three nights in a row to not be diapered. This has not happened as I am wet every morning. I did find out however, that my wife created this situation by making sure I drink too much at night before bed, and during the day not allowing me to get to the bathroom in time (ie. when we are out shopping, she will tell me to wait for the potty and then drive the longest way home, stopping to run in at several other stores while I wait in the car. She makes sure I don't get home dry). I have not tried too hard to hold on as I am starting to like wetting my pants and have her scold me about what a baby I am, and then diapering me when we get home. She does this for two reasons. First, she likes to be able to control me; and second, she knows how excited I get when I wet my pants and she takes full advantage of it! Our sex life has taken a great turn for the better. The other day, she even had me wet my pants at a bar we were drinking at. I was trying to get to the bathroom and she kept holding my arm and saying, "Hold on, I am almost done with my story." My poor bladder finally burst and I flooded my training panties and faded jeans! I was never so embarrassed or turned on by accident! All the way home, she kept scolding me like I was a small child, which at this point I did feel like. We were so turned on that we stripped off our clothes as soon as we got in the door and had wild sex; the best we ever had. I think that she will do this again to me.

— Ethan, 32

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