Love Being the Girl

I started to dress up as a girl when I was young, and it felt so very natural to me. A little later, I told a friend about me being a girl at heart and he asked if I would dress up for him. I said yes. We went to his place; I looked at his sisters things and picked out what I wanted to wear. I got dressed up for him and he said I looked great. He then asked if I wanted to see what it was like to be a girl and I said yes. We had sex, and then he asked if I enjoyed being a girl. I said it was the greatest feeling I ever had. I knew that I wanted to be a girl from there on out. I have had sex as a girl ever since and would love to have a sex change, but can't afford it. If someone told me they would pay for the sex change, I would do it in a heartbeat and tell them that I would do anything for them as payment for it; I would belong to them. Being a girl all the time is what I love and want to be.

— Bryan, 57

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