Roommates in Lingerie

I have read many confessions on this site from men who enjoy dressing in all kinds of lingerie; panties, nylons, nighties, and such and fantasizing about being with another man dressed likewise. I've noticed that these confessions have been submitted by men near my age and would like to be able to discuss this idea because it sounds great to me too. I really enjoy reading those confessions, so keep them coming. I guess it feels good knowing I'm not the only guy thinking about such things; it makes me keep coming back to this site. I love reading all the different confessions; they're really hot. It's nice to know there are so many curious people pursuing their fantasies. I wish we could all get together; sounds like a lot of fun to me. I hope the confessions never stop coming in! It's great to be able to hear from so many other men.

— Terrence, 59

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