Proud Panty Wearing

I never had a passion for panties until one Halloween when I dressed as a little girl. From that time on, I had a desire in me I just could not control. As I grew older, I started to rummage through my sisters drawers when they were not at home. I would pick out the nylon panties, put them on, and began to enjoy the softness. My obsession with panties grew to the point I would even steal them from my girlfriends as I grew older. Now, my fondness for soft and silky panties has grown so much that I wear them 24/7, 365 days a year. Recently at work, a friend of mine noticed the top of them as I bent over to pick up some papers that had fallen from my desk. When we went to lunch, he mentioned to me that he saw my panties and he was very curious as to why I was wearing them. When I explained to him why I wear them, he said he always wanted to try wearing them, but was afraid of being caught. That night, I had him come over and I showed him my collection of panties from high cut briefs to bikinis; from cotton to nylon to satin and silk. When he tried on various pairs, he soon found out why I wear panties. They are lighter, cooler, and softer than any men's underwear. From that time on, he wears panties full time. I wear my panties proudly.

— Luke, 55

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