Cleaning Lady Cleans Up

My wife hired a cleaning lady, Rosa. She is Puerto Rican; mid-40s, but very attractive. Rosa has her own business, but with the down turn in the economy, she lost some customers. As she was cleaning my office one day, she asked if I had any leads for her. I told her I have asked a number of people, but no one had the extra cash to hire her. She thanked me and said, "Maybe I can do something extra for you." I said, "Well, that would be up to my wife." She walked over to me, got very close, and said, "I meant something for you." I was a bit taken back, but very interested. She said it would be oral only when she was over on her normal cleaning schedule. My office is in the basement and my wife usually didn't come into my office during the day. I agreed and Rosa gave me the best I've ever had. We almost got caught once. Rosa was doing her thing and my wife called downstairs. As we heard my wife coming down the stairs, Rosa's and my eyes locked on each other. She got up and zipped me just before my wife entered the room. Rosa turned to dust something and my wife came between us to ask me a question. My wife still hasn't caught on and I hope the economy doesn't get better!

— Henry, 60

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