Wife's Confession

We were sitting in the garden when I asked her how her night out with the girls went last week. I had given her permission to go and have some fun. On the night in question, I had phoned her mobile and there was no reply. She said she went to her mates house, had a few drinks, and then they went downtown to the bars. In the first bar, she teamed up with this guy who she was attracted to and he to fancied her. After a while, the other girls left her and this guy their own. They started necking, and then went to a night club and had a few more drinks and a couple of dances. When the club closed, they made love. She told me that he wants to take her out again and go back to his flat. I then said to my wife, "That is fantastic!" We had great sex that night, but I am wondering if I should let her go back or not.

— Kenji, 52

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