Stuck in her Dress, Part 2

In the earlier confession, I was stuck in my girlfriends dress until she came home. When she walked in and saw me, she was furious. As I tried to apologize, she told me to shut up and stand still. She then walked around me as if she was inspecting me. She lifted the dress to see my panties, and then ran her hands all over me until I was about to burst. She took me to the bedroom, stripped her clothes off, and said she would show me how a real girl gets dressed. She put on the sexiest panties, garter belt, and thigh highs. Then, five inch heels and a super short tight skirt. She grabbed me and we made crazy love the rest of the night. I don't think this is her first time girl on girl. I think we may be doing this again soon.

— Kyle, 23

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