She Got Her Wish

I am a happily married for twenty years. My mother-in-law is sixty-eight years old. She is your average grandma-looking lady with a few pounds on her. The other month, she was out shopping, and I went over to her house to do some painting. After I finished, I showered off. Leaving the bathroom, I came face-to-face with her coming in. Her eyes dropped to my privates, and we both blushed. After I put on my shorts, she fixed me a soda and we talked. She said that I was a pleasant surprise and that she wished she could still find a man for company without worrying that he was disease-free and could keep his mouth shut. She told me that she would love to have sex just one more time before she died. Jokingly, I told her that if she couldn't find anyone, I would gladly help out. She started crying and, as I comforted her, she kissed me. We wound up in bed and she got her wish twice that day. I am still going over and fixing up her house. She and I are having a great time with the pay arrangements.

— Sammy, 54

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