This Is The Life

This is definitely not a confession. I am 100% bragging. But damn, it's too good to let slide. Background first. I've had a job and lived out of home since I was seventeen. Being a working musician and in pubs/clubs five nights a week has the obvious benefits. I'll spare you the details of the bridesmaid one-night-stand I shagged after the wedding I played at because the best bit was in the morning. It was well past dawn by the time she finally said she had to go to work. Since she lived in a granny flat in her folks' backyard, I stayed and slept hoping I could get my first eight hours for the week and still be there when she got back from work. I don't know how much sleep I'd had when I woke up. I assumed it was at least that much because I was getting a wake up oral call. Massively hung over, I still worked out that it wasn't the bridesmaid. This one was curvier and a brunette. I'm a musician and, frankly, I get laid a lot, so I don't ask questions. Great sex followed. You may have noticed I'm not even at the good bit yet. So, turns out it was her mother. She was forty but hot enough and obviously into it. Weeks pass, and I shag her once or twice a week. Then she asks me to join her with her husband. He knew all about it, and she obviously did it a lot. Great, why not? A couple more weeks of shagging her by myself and with her husband when she went into total slut mode with outfits, public, taking movies, whatever. Here's the good bit. After a really hard session, they asked if I wanted to come to her next gangbang, like this was a regular thing. You getting all this? Total suburban married couple fantasy. I've been a regular on a local swinger's site where it's easy to score married women who want that extra excitement. So, I'm into this. It's great. She handles gangbangs like a pro. Next they invited me to the next swinger's party. This is a whole bunch of married couples getting together to have sex with or in front of each other. I'd never been to one. Organized gangbangs, yes, married couples, yes, but not a swinger's party, I figured it wasn't worth it but went anyway. She was a good lay. I was the youngest by fifteen years, easily. All right, ego aside, I was also the best-looking by far. So, I'm the only single guy that night, and man, what a bonanza. Women desperate for it. There were at least thirty people in this house. Every time I got something good going, a circle would form. People would be watching and cheering. This stuff is real, and it's going on next door. Turns out (as arrogant as I sound) that they dug my attitude. Usually, young guys were jerks and unable to "party" properly with them without pissing someone off. So, at the end of the night, my phone number goes out to all of them. I am now a bona fide gigolo. I get to go on holidays with these guys. Okay, they're not the most luxurious resorts, but I get my own room. As long as I break off whatever I'm doing when they call my mobile and want to screw, it's cool. It means the husband gets to go out by himself, guilt free, while the wife stays in the hotel bar flirting with the twenty-one-year-old and then having sex with her, so he doesn't care! I introduce other young guys to them and have even set the husbands up with girls who dig the power of screwing older married men. They spend days alone without calling on me so they can have time together. And I get to do whatever I want on their credit card. These couples have grown up children, so they have money to burn now. The holidays are rare, but I've done five of them. Generally, my phone just rings a couple of times a week from a couple wanting me to hang with them. The numbers get passed on to their single friends, friends with husbands who don't know they are cheating on them, and to new couples who want to "experiment". Now, naturally, these are all middle to upper-middle class, and my status as a cool musician, and a great lay, they try to keep me in favor with gifts, tickets, and memberships of all sorts. This is the life. It'll all be over in a year, I bet. But for now, hot damn. Older, intelligent women literally begging for it. Literally. I say no a lot or say I'm busy or tired just so they'll try to convince me. I still get laid in my normal life and, of course, it's even better for the experience. I've got to stop now because I'm sure it all just sounds like a load of crap. Believe it or not, with the right attitude, you can be the start of your local swinging scene!

— Dylan, 21

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