Wish I had Breasts!

I had as I grew up, and still have, Gynecomastia, or male breasts. Not really big, but enough to make me ashamed of what my chest looked like. As a pre-teen living with my mom, she allowed me to watch her get dressed. When I saw her breasts and watched her put her bra on, I thought I should have a bra as well. So, one night when I was alone, I put one of hers on. I was hooked. I have been wearing bras ever since. I am obsessed with the female breast. I love them! I had a sweet girlfriend in college that allowed me to do anything with her breasts. When I married my Asian wife, she had 34-Bs. We are divorced now and I miss that a lot. I have dreamed of having real breasts, size 38-C, but I'm too old to have breast implants and I'd have to live as a woman or a he-she, and I couldn't do that. So, I'll just have to stay an "In house cross dresser." I can almost fill out some of my padded bras, but with pads or falsies, I really look good and have some nice cleavage. I have a cute pink one on right now, with pads, and I am really filled out. Love that and love to admire myself in mirrors. So, I'll just dream of having real size 38-C breasts and use falsies.

— Roy, 68

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