Caught With Neighbor

Yesterday afternoon I was home alone, at least I thought. I had some women's diapers and maxi pads that were lying on my bed. I was wearing a diaper and had on a pink lacey thong and a navy blue bra. I went outside in just that, not knowing my sister was home. She looked in my room for me and saw my diapers and maxi pads. Then, she was going out the door to get the mail and she saw me and our neighbor at the tree. My neighbor is fifty-eight and chunky. As my sister was walking over to us, my neighbor was smacking me. My sister said, "I will let you two play inside." So we went in and my neighbor and I went to my room. My sister recorded us even when we showered. My sister called two of her friends to come watch. They did and took tons of pictures. Then my sister also called my mom and told her to hurry home quick. She never told me mom was coming home though, so my mom walked in and saw all. She cried and then told me to go to the neighbors. So we did. I came home two hours later and my mom said that if that's how I want to act, she will allow me to go to the neighbors once a week. I am excited but nervous. I love my life.

— Evan, 22

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