Open Marriage

I don't understand how any man thinks these things don't happen. Just browse all the swinger sites and it's obvious that hundreds of thousands of couples world-wide practice sharing or swapping in some form. My wife and I met through a singles contact site six years ago. She let me know she had other lovers and wasn't looking for an exclusive relationship. No problem, I had also been into swinging with my late wife for decades and I liked her attitude. We got along so well, we married and moved in together, but kept our other lovers. Now, I have mild diabetes and can't satisfy her. She is sixty-two and still sexually active. I enjoy her sexual adventures vicariously and help her meet new men through adult contact sites. We maintain a stable of six to eight sex buddies and she tries to play with at least one every week. I may join in, or she may play with them alone. This is neither "cheating" nor cuckoldry because she has my permission and encouragement.

— Ferris, 74

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