Erotic And Intense

My confession is quite a confession. I am a soldier in the Army and serving what seems like a prison sentence in Iraq without conjugal visits. My wife and I have great sex, and we enjoy ourselves every time we make hot love. I have been with her since 1999. We got married in 2002. Our sex life has never slacked off, and I hope it never does. Well, since I am here in Iraq, I am going through sex withdraw. It's like I am addicted to her and just can't get enough. I think about her all day long and what we have together. I try to talk to her everyday either by email, chat, or by the phone. One day, I went to the phone center. This is a room with fifteen phones where soldiers are talking to someone they love. It gets loud in there, but this is all we have to hear our loved ones. My wife and I were discussing what we are going to do to each other when I return home. We were having hot phone sex, and other soldiers were all around me. I was so turned on by her voice, I could not contain myself. The phones are separated in small cubicles with dividers on either side. While my wife was speaking to me in a hot, breathy voice, I reached down and unbuttoned my pants just enough to get my hand in. I started to play with myself with fourteen other soldiers around me. I was so turned on because of the risk I was taking. Getting caught would result in ridicule and possible disciplinary actions. I was risking so much, but hearing my wife on the phone having so much fun I could not help myself. When I released myself, I had to hurry back to the tent to change my clothes and go back to work. Wow, that was so intense! I had never experienced anything so erotic like that before in my life. I can't wait until I get home and make hot intense love to her again.

— Jerome, 23

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