First Affair

I have been sexually attracted to my mom's friend Beth, who is four years older than me. I have known her since I was sixteen years old. She is divorced with two kids in junior high school. I am now married with two young kids. While away on a business trip a few years ago, I spilled my guts to my mom's friend on how I felt about her and how long I have felt that way. Nothing happened until this past weekend, as I invited her to watch a pro mixed martial arts event. I asked my wife to book a hotel room with two beds and when she asked who would be going with me, I said a friend of mine named Mike. She had an exam to take the day of the fights, so she was unable to come along. I picked Beth up from her house, drove to the hotel, and checked in. They offered to upgrade the room to one with a king size bed in it and I declined and stayed with the original room. Once in the room, I gave Beth a massage and started to kiss her neck (she stated to me earlier in our conversations prior that this was her weak spot). She excused herself and went into the bathroom. I thought our fooling around was over with, but she surprised me by walking out of the bathroom totally naked. We proceeded to make love for the rest of the night and missed the fights all together. The next morning, we picked up where we left off. Now, I am waiting for her to call and tell me that she is pregnant. I am very excited at the prospect of getting her pregnant due to the fact that my wife had her tubes tied after the birth of our second child after we agreed to have three children. Keep your fingers crossed for me that she is pregnant. My mom would love her friend to be a part of our family since my wife and I have had some marriage difficulties and continue to have them.

— Kevin, 39

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