Old Boyfriend

My forty-nine year old wife received a "friend request" on social media from her high-school boyfriend. She accepted, and they began to email, chat, and text. This led to phone calls, etc., where she admitted she still had feelings for him. Soon, they were engaging in hot sexy conversation, and one day I took some erotic photos of her in various stages of undress that she emailed to him. All of this made me feel very submissive, so when he calls her I immediately know that I am to dress in a baby-doll nightie and nylon panties, lie quietly, and listen. She is now making plans to visit him (he lives five hours away) while I am made to stay home, dressed in lingerie the whole week she is gone, and clean the house. She said she is going to have him take some photos of her with him. Then, I have to pleasure myself as I look at the "evidence" that she pleased him in bed.

— Justin, 54

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