Panties and Shape Wear

I am an eighty year old married heterosexual who loves to ware ladies panties and shape ware. I dislike men's cotton jockey shorts and boxers. I find women's underwear just feels softer, smoother, and slicker. Add a little spandex to the nylon or rayon fabric and you get great support too. What more could you ask for? I am not into colors; only white. I do not wear lace, ruffles, bras, panty hose, or any other type of women's wear; just panties and shape ware. My collection is made up of modern briefs, hipsters, boy shorts, and long leg shapers or compression shorts. It is hard to explain the feel and sensation of a nylon/spandex shape wear (girdle) that keeps everything in place all day (and I mean everything). As you can tell, I love panties and shape wear and will continue to wear them till the day I die.

— Frank, 80

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