Her Best Friend

My wife has a best friend that is so sexy. You get excited from just seeing her. She stays with us during the summer and it's very hard for me to deal with because she is so darn sexy. She has big giant light bulbs, a real sexy rear end, and a face from heaven. I dream of doing things with her, but my wife would never allow it. I have developed a habit of sneaking into the guest room and getting a hold of her bras and panties. Today, I am wearing her satin bra and matching panties again. They feel so good; they smell like her even after the wash. The first time I put her satin panties on, it felt so good. I did not last very long before I had to wash them out. I wear something of hers every day and pleasure myself with it. I cannot stop. I am so addicted to her panties and lingerie. She has some really hot lingerie in that room like a few corsets; my god, I would love to see her in one of those. I would probably lose control right there!

— Nathan, 33

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