Hot Wife

I am fifty and married my secretary a year ago. She is thirty-six, but looks twenty-six; cute, hot body, and great personality. She was married and had worked for me for years before we started fooling around. I know she had several other boyfriends during her former marriage (her husband was a loser). Now that we are married, I encourage her to have sex with other guys every once in a while because I know it will keep her hot. She resisted at first, but recently went with me on an evening out with a client of mine. I asked her to dress very revealing and she did; tight miniskirt and ultra-low cut top that her breasts had trouble staying inside. After dinner, we went to a strip club and I even got her to go on stage and strip after five drinks. We then went back to my client's hotel room, where they had sex for most of the night. She was thrilled and I'm sure more business will be coming my way.

— Rick, 50

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