Her Mistake

I have been hooked on wearing my wife's panties and bras forever. She doesn't like it, but sometimes will let me play in front of her. To this day, she denies ever telling anyone. However, she has a friend who works with her and she has complained every detail to this friend. I found out because her friend has been blackmailing me with it for favors, such as remodeling her kitchen. In fear of her friend telling the world, I comply. Sometimes, she has me dress in lingerie and spanks me after I do the work. She spanks me and tells me how unsatisfied my wife is. Sometimes, I am forced to clean her home in a pink maid's outfit. Last night, I was dressed in a corset panties, stockings, and heels and I gave oral to this woman's husband. She applied lip stick and called me all sorts of names. I am now the sissy servant of these two. My wife has no idea, but I guess I should thank her for it. Thank you baby, your complaining got me what you could not do.

— Ken, 35

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