How it Started

I used to get my girlfriend's silky nylon panties out of the laundry basket and wrap them around myself; they felt so very good. Then we got married and on our honeymoon night, she came to bed wearing her nylon panties. It felt so wonderful that I knew I had to tell her so they could be part of our sex life from then on. I said, "When you slid close to me with your panties, it really turned me on." She immediately asked, "Would you like to wear them?" Until that moment, the thought of actually wearing them had never crossed my mind. I thought that was a little too weird even for a pervert like me, but not wanting to miss out on her being so accepting of the idea, I immediately said yes. She then held them out for me to step into, so I stepped into them and she pulled them all the way up. My knees grew weak and I almost fell down; it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt and I loved it. I have been wearing nylon panties ever since. During our marriage, she would buy them for me. Then we got divorced for another unrelated reason and I started wearing them 24/7; I don't even own any men's under wear anymore, just panties, panties, panties; all silky nylon. I dearly love them and all of my girlfriends love them too. In fact, one of my girlfriends loved them so much that the next time I saw her after she discovered that I wear panties, she bought me a gift of satin tap pants to wear over my panties. Another girlfriend bought me a nylon half-slip and it feels really great over my nylon panties. So guys, don't be afraid to let your girls know about your love of panties. Chances are she will love it and get you more sexy stuff. My women seem to be of the attitude that if it makes me excited, they are all for it. That works for me.

— Danny, 58

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