Her Lover

I'm a single guy, and I will admit that I really enjoy being with a woman. I hooked up with a woman named Ramona who is in a bad marriage and is just feeling lonesome. Pretty soon, we were emailing and talking every day on the phone. I kept it low-key because she said she didn't want to be unfaithful. She wanted somebody to listen to her, and Ramona certainly was not getting that from their husband. Soon, we were meeting frequently just to talk. She was just enjoying the companionship and the conversation, and I was more than happy to pay attention to her. I figured that if I took things slow and easy, that eventually she would want to do more than just talk. I always made sure I found something to compliment her about. For instance, I would tell her she had a great smile or beautiful hair. If she was wearing a short skirt, I would tell her she had great-looking legs, which was true. I kept it very non-sexual, although I really wanted more. Then, I found out her husband was going to be out of town for a few days. I came up with a pair of tickets for a concert that I knew she would enjoy. I invited her as my guest, just as a friend. Of course, I treated her like a princess. First dinner, then the concert. Afterwards, I took her out for dessert. Of course, I really wanted Ramona to be my personal dessert. I figured I was doing something that she probably had not experienced years. That is, I romanced her. I took her home, and at that point she invited me in for a cup of coffee. We were all alone now, and soon we were kissing a little. No harm in a little kissing, right? But when my hands begin to explore her body, she didn't resist. In fact, she actively responded. It was obvious that it had been so long since she has experienced this level of lust, and she only wanted more. At some point, we made the short trip into her bed. By morning, neither of us had slept. But believe me, she had been satisfied in ways she had not experienced in a long time. At that point, I was not her husband, but I certainly became her lover.

— Frank, 33

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