His Loss Is My Gain

Well, it all started four years ago when I was looking for the passion, sexual emotion, physical heat, and desire that were outside of my marriage. I love my wife, but it has become love as for a best friend. She lost her desire for sex a long time ago after our first child. We've been married for fourteen years. Now that we have a second child, it's even worse. That's when I met the beautiful woman. She is amazing and also married. We talked for awhile, and I came to find out she was looking for the same thing I was looking for. So, it started out as a fling, and we became close best friends. But after four amazing years, we are so munch in love. I share everything with her including my darkest secrets wildest fantasies. She is willing to please me whatever it takes. I believe in returning the favor to her. We have arguments on whose turn it is to please whom! I'm in love with this woman and so jealous that her husband takes her for granted. Well, his loss is my gain.

— Aaron, 34

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