I just had the time of my life; I was in a major panty store and there was no one in the store since it was just after lunch. I was buying the usual, more panties, when the sales girl came up to me and said, "Those are for you, aren't they?" I was speechless and she said, "Oh, don't be shy. I see you in here often buying up panties. I want to see you in them. Would you mind showing me them?" I was so embarrassed as she guided me to the fitting room. Once inside, she stood before me with a smile and wide eyes. I hesitated, but she stepped right in and exposed my panties. "How sweet they look; I love floral." She then noticed my excitement and helped me out. She told me, "I have always wanted to play sissy dress-up with a guy before." When we were done, she told me how fun it was and maybe we could do it again sometime. I was so humiliated, but I loved every second of it.

— Tyler, 29

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