It Gets Better and Better

I have talked often as to my being naked 24 hours a day while I am at home. The other day, I wanted to do something invigorating so I decided to take a drive. I got in my car and started driving. There was no clothing whatsoever in the car. I ended up driving over three hundred miles and even stopped for gas and soda at a convenience store about seventy-five miles from home. It was a thrill getting out of the car to pump the gas, and then go into the store to get the soda and pay. I was excited the entire time I was out of the car. Add this to the fact that there are four friends who come over every couple of weeks and expect me to perform sexually in front of them. My wife just watches and laughs, and then comes up with things for me to do to them when they come over. Life just keeps getting better and better. Believe this, or don't.

— Thomas, 65

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