The Swing Couple

Hello again! I enjoyed reading my last confession as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, here's another installment of the Swing Couple! Last time, I wrote about my wife's bisexuality and how much I enjoyed the first experience she had after we married while we were on vacation to Florida! Well, after that experience, we decided to try a few other combinations of adult fun. We tried swapping with a few couples, but we never could seem to find a couple where the guy and the girl we equal in their looks or physical make up. It always seemed to be that one was at least good looking, and the other, well, left a lot to be desired. So, we thought the two-guys-at-one-time combination would be fun for her, and I really decided I liked to watch her with other men. That seems to be a common thing, but I would have never guessed I'd be the one to enjoy that! But, I did, and it became something that I wanted to see more of. One time I brought home two very well-endowed black guys for her to enjoy. Watching her take on two guys at once was very, very hot! We mixed it up from time to time, and I would find a nice, young guy to play with her. Currently, I am working on her to try a gang bang or go to an adult house party or club and take on at least three guys at one time. I'm sure I'll have more stories to share.

— Clark, 49

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