Bras and Lingerie

I love to wear bras. I have always had small male breasts. I put on my mom's bra when I was very young and I can't stop wearing them. I get up and put a bra on; in the evening, I put one on, with pads, or falsies, to full out the 38-C cups. Even in the military and when I was married, every chance I had, I put a bra on and pleasured myself. My Asian wife caught me and we divorced. Now I live alone and cross-dress all the time. Bras, panties, nylon stockings or fishnets, and lingerie, babydolls, etc. I order everything on-line. I want a sexy teddy, but I am a plus size and can't find one that I like. Not sexy enough! So, I am an "In-house cross-dresser" and love it. I can't stop!!

— Quentin, 68

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