Unusual Sixties Nightie

My female partner went to a clothing sale and found this unusual vintage nightie. The lady selling these vintage nighties said it is a "ribbon nightie" which my partner bought; it has this large nylon bow tied around the neck into a sexy bow with probably over a hundred ribbons looped over the neck ribbon, and the ribbons are just over a meter long. When she got home, she showed me the nightie and put it on; it looked so sexy, so I asked her if I could wear it, which I did and boy oh boy, I loved it. With all those nylon ribbons in pale yellow, baby blue, and sea green it feels fantastic on, and I can't stop wearing it now. All those ribbons flowing around my body make me feel so sexy. She likes me wearing it too, and it's great in bed. Playing with all those inch wide nylon ribbons, I'm on a high every night. She is going to make one for herself as well, and I can't wait. What with all those ribbons and bows, what a fabulous night well have together.

— Philip, 38

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