She Liked Kinky

My new girlfriend just happened to be from the same small town as me. She had heard the gossip, and I admitted that some of it was true. I had shared my former girlfriend with some friends. She didn't seem put off and didn't say, "Don't try that with me." I just left it alone. Then, I started to notice how friendly she was getting (only when she was drunk) with two of my buddies who were always around. One night, we were at a club and we guys started complementing her on her dress and that it was a shame that those panty lines ruined the look. After some shooters, she stood up at the table and dropped her panties on the floor. We cheered. Later, she did the limbo. What a show! At the end of the night, one buddy came home with us. In the cab, she leaned over the front seat to chat with the cabbie. Her skirt went up, and my buddy started messing around with her. She let him. When we got her home, she let us both play with her. That's all he got that night, but boy did I ever get a ride.

— Clyde, 32

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