Panty Addiction

I love panties! I think about them all day and spend hours adding them to my eBay watch list. In the last six months, I have spent over a thousand dollars on panties and slips. I wear them every day now under my boy clothes. Pink! I now love the color pink. I am so jealous of girls who can wear such fine things. I feel like I am in love looking at and buying panties. I get so excited every time I order more. Waiting for them to arrive in the mail is ecstasy; I love thinking about panties and can't wait to try new ones on and wear them all day and night. I talk to myself all day about how much I love panties; I talk out loud about them and what a naughty girl I am. I love saying "I love panties." Thanks for letting me share. I love you panties!!!

— Ed, 52

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