My wife caught me three months ago wearing her lingerie. I was playing with myself while wearing her bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. At first, she freaked out. But now, has bought me some items to wear. She lets me wear them and she orders me to pleasure myself. I know she told her best friend. I could tell because she acts very different around me, and my wife is spending a lot more time at her house. I felt like something was going on. She denies everything and denies telling anyone. Last night, I followed her and peeked into the windows. I found my wife and her friend both giving service to her friend's husband. I confronted her about it and she tried to deny it. After a little argument, she said, "You're right, I told them and they think it's funny." She said she was not going to stop having sex with them and said I could either leave or join in. I was told if I joined in, I would only be a watcher. She said since I pushed and spied, if I did not do as I was told, she would expose me to everyone we knew. Last night, the girls dressed me in lingerie, spanked me, and I gave my first oral to a man. They coached and encouraged me. I guess I am their new fluffer girl.

— Doug, 32

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