I Do What She Says

I have been married for three years. My wife is bi and often has a lot of fun with her female friend. I complained that she was going out too much and should keep the fun at home. As I suspected, her female friend has a husband who was joining in the action. I started telling her it had to stop and she said she was just going to leave. She said I could watch from now on if I wanted to. That Friday evening, her friend and husband came over for some drinks. One thing led to another, and my wife exposed him. She was about to give him oral and I begged her not to. She got mad and did it anyway. The two girls called me over and had me service him as well. I did my best and the girls cheered me on. I now service him every week and pleasure myself as I do. The entire time, the girls make fun of me and encourage me.

— Larry, 25

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