Pretty In Pink

One night, we had a few friends over and my wife's best friend got a little too drunk. She was hitting on me and flirting. I played along, but had no intentions of doing anything. The next day, she convinced my wife otherwise and she bought into her friends lies. My wife told her I was a big flirt and was just like a girl when it came to flirting and all. They came to a decision that to try to cure me, so to speak, I should have to wear panties from now on. I have been forced to wear panties for three months now. My wife has replaced all my underwear with panties; all sorts including cotton, satin, and even a few thongs. Amazingly, they all fit pretty well. My wife now often spanks me before bed, and then pulls my panties back up, puts a bra on me, and tells me, "Now go on to bed my little flirty sissy." The problem is when she does this, I have some major excitement. She only laughs and says, "Awe, you must like the girl feeling of the panties and bra." I can go to work with no bra, but I always have panties. Whenever her best friend comes over, my wife makes me show her the panties I am wearing. Last night, it was a pink pair. Her friend said, "Awe, how cute they look!" It's very humiliating. But, I love wearing them now and I always get excited just seeing my next pair.

— Don, 32

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