Mother/Daughter Comparison

I am nineteen-year-old student going out with a great girl. We have great sex, but I have found that since we are just under twenty, that makes us a little inexperienced. My girlfriend's mother has taught me this lesson. She is confident and so much more fun in bed. I found this out the week that my girlfriend went on a geography field course. Her mum asked me around "for a chat". I was nervous, she wasn't. It didn't take me long to realize she wanted to sleep with me. She placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and it just went higher. She said she had admired me for a while and just wanted to know if she "still had it". She does! We had great sex more than once that night and then a few times each day for the week my girlfriend was away. It is her confidence I like, the fact she is in control, and the fact that she is happy to experiment in a way my girlfriend finds embarrassing. I love comparing the two of them. I will keep the two going as long as I can.

— Ricky, 19

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