Silky Pantyhose

Forever, I have loved the look of women in pantyhose. I often go to a restaurant where the girls are required to wear them. My wife knows how much I like seeing it and, when she had an office job that required her to wear them, I was in heaven. I often would nag her to keep them on. One day, she reversed the table on me and made me wear them. Instantly, I fell in love with how they felt. Now, my wife makes me wear them all the time; to bed with nothing else on, and to work under my suits. Sometimes, she will make me drop my pants and she will spank me with a paddle for a while until it really stings. She calls me a naughty panty-hosed sissy while she does this and I love it. I love being her panty-hosed sissy; I love her for spanking me and keeping me in silky control tops!

— George, 28

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