Panties Everywhere

I believe that regardless of what sex you are, you should be able to wear whatever you choose. I see nothing wrong with men wearing panties. I have worn them for years. I wear them in my backyard to sun bathe in. I also wear them when I go swimming. I wear black bikini panties and my girlfriend says you can't tell the difference between them and a bathing suit. Just recently, I have started wearing bras. I have gone out on my back porch in just my bra and panties and it was truly exciting. Once, I even went to the street to get my newspaper, which is fifty feet from the house, in just a blue bra and pink panties. I'm not bragging, but I have had a lot of women and only one did not like my wearing panties. So come on guys, don't be a chicken! Go out and buy some nylon panties, throw out the cotton underwear, and start living a little. You will be glad you did.

— Garrett, 42

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