College Girl

There was a girl named Maggie and she was extremely sexy. Her breasts were so large; I always wanted to see them. Whenever I saw her, I always got excited. She used to wear jeans and everyone could see her extremely pretty assets. One day, I tried to be friends with her, but that was unsuccessful. Another day after class, she was writing extra notes and I came in and saw her. When she saw me, she gave me a look of sexual desire. I went close to her, but was not sure about she wanted. I said, "Hi," she replied by saying, "You must be Greg, good to see you." It was raining outside and very cold. I closed the door of the classroom. She came near to me and, to my shock, she touched me down there and said, "It's so cold; give me some warmth, can you?" "Sure," I said. Then we undressed ourselves and had sex. When rain ended, we left.

— Greg, 20

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