Rural Living

When I was younger, my family moved to a rural area in Indiana where we lived about two miles from any other families. No one came to visit. On Saturdays, mom and dad went to town to get the weekly supplies, leaving me and my two older sisters home alone most of the time; sometimes they would take us, but not often. When they would leave, my older sister would be in charge and we were told to mind her or else. My sister sometimes would be mad at me for something I had done during the week and she had her way of punishing me. She liked to make me wear a diaper, or her or my other sister's clothes. She would make me play the part to the tee or she would tell dad that I had not minded her. She also said if I told, she would get even in a worse way. So I never told anyone until now. When she put me in a diaper, I was not allowed to take it off for any reason. She had learned to sew and so she would make dresses for me that looked just like a little a baby gown or dress. She also made these big bloomers that looked like what the girls at school wore when they took gym class. I would have to wear them on the days she had gym class under my pants. She became very vindictive because of my teasing and taunting her when I was dumb and did not realize that I was only making trouble for myself. Last week, she came to visit my wife and me. She was thinking that I had told my wife about our youth and she began talking about the things she used to do to me for my naughty actions. My wife perked up as she listened to her talk. Then out of the blue, my wife asked for her to show her how she had done these things. My wife now does those things to me also. I have been in a diaper for a week as of this writing because I called her a name one day when she was going on and on about something I was supposed to do and did not do. When I am diapered she calls me little Chrissy; if I am dressed in girls clothes that she makes for me, I am called Christine.

— Christopher, 57

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