Secret Massage

Although she is very hot, since her skin is quite white my wife has always fantasized about getting a permanent tan. She says she would like to have tan lines. She is the type of woman that enjoys turning me on by wearing sensual clothes and underwear while we make love. She is so good at that, so I decided to give her a gift certificate for a tanning program at the salon. Since then, every time she comes from a session, she is so turned on that she often calls me on her way so I will be ready to do her right after she gets home. When I asked her why she was getting so turned on after the tanning sessions, she said she couldn't help thinking of me looking at her new tan lines. Good for both of us! We were having great sex. Next time, I went to pick her up as a surprise. I wanted to take her to a motel right after the session and enjoy an encounter as we used to while in college. She usually gets home by 6:00 pm when she goes to the tanning place, so I got there around 5:15 hoping she would be ready. When I asked for her, the girl at the front desk told me she wasn't into the bed yet since she was getting her tanning lotion put on. So, she guided me to where she was lying on a massage bed facing down. She had a white towel on that was covering her buttocks while this man was rubbing lotion on her shoulders. She looked so relaxed. I didn't want to interrupt. After her back, the guy went to her feet gently massaging her toes and going upward ever so slowly. I thought it was going to take forever. By the time he was reaching up to her thighs, I heard a slight moan. The man and I knew she was getting excited. I decided to stay mute and watch. Then she turned over to get her lotion on her front. She was wearing the red thongs that I had given her for Christmas. She looked really hot. At this point, I decided to turn around and take a seat in the waiting room. After less than half an hour, she came out. She looked very surprised when she saw me waiting for her. That night, we had great sex, even better than usual since I was especially turned on. I told her how awesome she looked with her new lines. When I asked her what type of tanning lotion she was using, she told me the one they sell at the salon. Now we have a secret. Hers is her "massage", mine is her secret!

— Maurice, 41

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