Panties As Swimwear

There is nothing like wearing wet nylon panties. I have been wearing panties for forty years and, in that time, I have had only one woman that didn't like it. My girlfriend said my plain black bikini panties looks like a swimsuit, so I wear them to public beaches. It gives me a rush to know I am among all those people in just a pair of panties. Just recently, I have started wearing bras. The other day, I wore a white bra under a real thin white camisole to the store. The girl behind the counter couldn't stop looking at my chest. I know she could see my bra, but she didn't say anything. She smiled while taking my money then said, "Have a nice day, sweetie." The next time I go back, I think I will wear my blue jean mini-skirt with my see-through camisole!

— Dan, 56

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