Learning To Be A Girl

When I was younger, I mowed a teacher's lawn every week. His step-daughter and wife went out every Saturday to modeling lessons, leaving just the two of us there. One day after mowing, he showed me photos of his wife giving him oral sex dressed in just a bra and panties. It got me very excited. He then and gave me oral sex for the first time. I loved it and soon was giving him oral sex in return. One thing lead to another, and soon he was dressing me in his step-daughter's clothes including panties, bras, slips, skirts, tops, and more. Every week, he gave me girl lessons and he soon started buying me my own collection of panties and bras to wear while performing on him. At the end of the summer, he told me that I was to take a final exam and he invited two other men over for me to give oral sex to while he watched. He then had sex with me while they took turns orally. Whenever I can, I now get dressed up and go to adult movies to give men oral sex, pretending that they are my teachers and I have to be their girl.

— Donald, 65

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