Family Treat

Many years ago, I was working as a DJ in a club next to a caravan park in an English seaside resort. It was an ideal job for an adolescent with new women arriving each week. One Sunday night, I took a nineteen-year-old girl back to the caravan she was sharing with her sister and mum for the week. We spent a couple of hours making love before heading off home. She made it clear, though, that she was there to get as many notches in her headboard as possible while on holiday, so our fun was not to be repeated. When I saw her the next evening in the club, she was friendly and told me her sister had told her she spent the night masturbating in her room listening to us. During a break that night, her sister came over and introduced herself. She asked if I would walk her back at the end of the night. When the end of the night came, the sister was drunk. So, rather than a romantic walk back, I was more of a support. Back in her room, I undressed her. We got into bed and made love, but my heart wasn't in it. So, as soon as the deed was done, I got dressed and left her to sleep. When I left the room, her mum was up with a bottle of wine watching the Olympics on TV. She asked me if I wanted a drink. While we sat there, she told me all of her woes about her husband leaving her and the difficulty of bringing up two girls alone. She managed to drop into the conversation about not having had sex for over a year. At this, she made a move on me and, being nineteen, I was not going to turn it down. The experience of an older woman certainly showed. I left about four hours later barely able to stand. I had managed to add the experience of having slept with two sisters and their mum, but it also taught me some valuable lessons. First, a little alcohol loosens the inhibitions. Secondly, too much alcohol can ruin the whole experience. Finally, never turn down an older woman because older really does mean wiser!

— Brett, 40

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