Sister John

When I was younger, I had a great desire to wear my sister's panties; it seemed like all I could think of day and night. One day when everyone was out of the house except me and my sister, I went to her and confessed my desire to do this. She looked at me for a moment like the world had stopped. Then, she said that she would help me with this problem. We went to her room and she told me to take off all of my clothes. I almost started to cry wondering what if she tells. She got out a pair of her silk panties and held them out, and then told me to step into to them. She pulled them up slow. I felt the silk move up my legs and got very excited. She then put one of her silk bras on me and put some panty hose in the cups. She put a silk slip on me and a sexy dress I had seen her wear before. It was red with a bow in the back. She zipped it up the back, walked around, pulled it into proper place, and then she stepped back to look at her handy work. I felt like a sissy standing there in her clothes as she smiled and said I could look in the mirror now. I started to cry a little as I saw a cute girl looking back at me. My sister told me to turn and look at the back of my outfit. I did and saw that the dress made my butt seem to pop out. My sister took advantage of my need to wear her things as she told me that now I was to be her sister ever day while Mom and Dad were at work and that she would dress me and we would do the house work together as sisters. Each day after school we would do our homework and then I was dressed to do the household chores. One day as we were working, I heard my mother's voice in the living room and there was no way for me to get to the hallway to my room without her seeing me. She had run home to get some reports she needed. I froze like a deer in headlights. My sister told her she would run and get them off the kitchen table. As she came in the room, I was in tears and she told me to be quiet. Just then, Mother walked in the kitchen with her eyes went open, but then, she composed herself and told us she would talk about this later. She then told us, "In the meantime, you girls get this house cleaned up and do the laundry." Mother came home that night a while before Dad. She sat us down and told us to be very discrete about our little game and lock the doors when we were playing sisters. I lived out the next two years as my sister's sister and still think of those days.

— John, 21

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