My sister and I are twins. We both have enjoyed having people tell us how much we look alike. We both have long hair and, but for our clothing, people could not tell us apart. One day, my sister had some friends over and I walked in the room not knowing they were changing clothes; all of them were in their panties and bras. They all covered up and yelled at me to get out. About an hour later Kayla (my sister) came and asked me to come into her room, the girls wanted to talk to me. I went thinking they wanted to tell me they were sorry for yelling. When I got there, they asked me to do them a favor; I told them I would if I could. They ask me to put on some of Kayla's clothes as they wanted to see if I would pass as her. They had seen a TV show where a girl and her twin brother changed places. At first, I said no, but they kept begging, so I gave in. I told them I would do it only if they did not see me naked. I went to my room and put on a pink thong and bra, and then went back to Kayla's room. They all got excited about dressing me and they put me in one of Kayla's sexiest outfits. It was a very short cotton dress that clung to my skin, and stockings with three inch heels. Then they did makeup just as Kayla wore hers. When they finished, they all said I looked just like her. About that time Kayla walked in dressed in my clothes. She could pass for me easily. They then suggested going to the mall. I said no and they all said they would tell everyone if I did not go with them. We went and I, for the first time, got a glimpse at what girls go through with guys. Guys kept looking at me with a look that said I want to get in your pants. A couple of times, I got pinched on the butt. One problem came up when Kayla had to go to the bathroom. She grinned and went into the guy's bathroom; she said she went into the stall and did her thing. Then they all told me to go in the women's bathroom. I went in and I thought I better sit down to pee or they would know I was a guy and call security. When I came out, my face was red as a beet. They all got a kick out of that. Then, we went to the place where we all hang out. I hung with the girls and Kayla hung with the guys; all went well until Kayla got out of character and told one guy to stop the blond jokes. Everyone found out we had switched roles. My best friend came over to me and said, "I always wondered if you could do this and I see you can. Maybe you can do other things like a girl?" I told him no way. Kayla and I agreed never to do this again, but now I think I would like to try it. She is married to a real cute guy and I have some feelings for him, but have kept it a secret.

— Kyle, 20

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