Love The Feel

When I was seventeen, I used to walk a dog for a nurse who lived along the road from our house while she worked shifts. She was about twenty-five and very attractive. One day, her dog pulled me into the park lake chasing the ducks and I went back to her house very wet. She told me to get out of the wet clothes while she went to find me some dry ones. She came back with jeans, a shirt, some socks, and a pair of silky, nylon, pink panties and saying, "You will have to have these for the time being." I stood there naked in front of her and was very nervous, but when I put on the panties I became very excited instantly. She smiled and said, "What's all this about?" I have never forgotten that feeling and all these years later I am so in love with the feel of panties. The next day, my mum found the panties in my room and asked where they had come from. I told her about going into the lake and that the girl had given them to me. She washed them that day and put them into my drawer with my other clothes. Now they were mine for always with my mum's approval to wear everyday if I wanted. That started me going through the girl's undies drawers and trying all the lovely little knickers whenever mum was at work. I would pleasure myself into them and sometimes steal a pair for the whole day.

— Grant, 33

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